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Compal Passion Fruit Juice 1lt

Rich and exotic flavour. Nectar full of personality, with a tropical aroma and a light acidity. It's really unique.
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Maltín Polar is a non-alcoholic beverage with a rich and unique flavor that nourishes, refreshes and makes you feel an energy-filled fun experience
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Lapas are delicious as a light snack or as appetizer on a warm day with a nice glass of white wine or a coral beer (Beer made in Madeira).
A ‘stout’ type beer, produced from selected malts and hops, under special conditions that give it a typical aroma of roasted malt and a slightly brown and solid head. Very dark coloured with well-defined ruby tones, a characteristic coffee flavour from roasted malts and caramel, a pleasant hoppy bitterness, as well as a well defined fruity aroma. All of its components blend delicately to produce and smooth and reinvigorating beer.
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Exotic nectar, with an intense ripe mango flavour, which gives a very creamy texture an an intense aroma