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Young and vibrant fruit with aromas of forest fruits. Elegant, with fine tannins and nice texture.
£5.24 £6.99
Ruby colour and ripe red fruit aroma and flavour. Perfect with roast and grilled meat
£20.99 £27.99
Citrine colour, with a tropical fruit aroma and flavour. It goes Perfectly with fish and seafood
£20.99 £27.99
Dark color. Intensely fruity and vinous aroma. In the mouth it is persistent, soft and slightly acidic, giving it a great freshness in the aftertaste.
£8.99 £11.99
Produced with the typical Douro red grape varieties – Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Touriga Franca – Assobio Red respects the winegrowing tradition of the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. Vinified in stainless steel vats with controlled temperature, most of the blend is then aged for six months in old concrete vats and a small part in used French oak barrels.
£7.49 £9.99
Chifferini 500gr Specially used in salads, very practical and resourceful for the daily challenges of every cook.
£1.49 £1.99
Fusilli 500gr. The Fusilli have an irregular shape and it is the kind of pasta to be used in hot courses with sauces, but equally tasty in cold salads, especially in Summer.
£1.49 £1.99
Caladessa White Wine by Herdade da Calada, produced in the Alentejo region with Alvarinho, Arinto and Fernão Pires grape varieties. This fresh and fruity white wine also has beautiful aromas of tropical fruit with a hint of lemon. The soft taste has a plump touch and fine acidity that is nicely balanced.
£8.24 £10.99
This Rosé breaks the sweet, plain “wine cooler” mold and embraces the stylish, savory and bold fruity end of the wine spectrum.
£5.62 £7.49
£2.24 £2.99
Compal Banana, a timeless flavor, making this nectar extremely tasty and light.
£1.79 £1.99
There are many benefits of cassava flour for health, and it can be an alternative for gluten-free diets, and also a quick energy option before the most intense workouts.
£2.24 £2.99
£5.24 £6.99
Chickpeas are soft and have a mild flavor. They can be consumed cooked in preparations such as salads, pastas or soups.
£1.49 £1.99
Tomato paste made using the best selection of tomatoes
£1.49 £1.99
Ferbar red beans have no preservatives and are cooked with little salt. In an easy-opening can, Divino provides the most demanding consumer with their favorite vegetables for preparing the most refined dishes.
£1.12 £1.49
Ferbar white beans have no preservatives and are cooked with little salt. In an easy-opening can, Divino provides the most demanding consumer with their favorite vegetables for preparing the most refined dishes.
£1.12 £1.49
Fruity flavour with pleasant notes of strawberry, typical from the Castelão grape combined with a nice freshness offered by the Trincadeira variety.
£20.99 £27.99
Soft flavour, with notes of ripened ropical fruits and persistent freshness in the aftertaste.
£20.99 £27.99
Guaraná is the Amazonian super-fruit. Coming from the heart of the biggest rainforest on Earth, it’s the core ingredient of Brazil’s beloved drink since 1921. Refreshing. Exotic. It’s light with a twist of mystery. Got to drink to tell. Jump in and feel the vibration of the rainforest.
£16.64 £18.49
Born in the heart of the Amazon, Guaraná Brazil is an exuberant soft drink that combines the richness of the rainforest with the vibrancy and joy of Brazilians. If you take pleasure on discovering novelties and dream of reconnecting with the taste of nature, anywhere and any time, this is the perfect drink for you.
£13.04 £14.49
Vineyards planted in crato a small town in the sub-region of Portalegre near the São Mamede Mountain.
£7.49 £9.99
These are peeled, deveined and gently cooked ready to be added chilled to salads, or stirred through pasta dishes, rice dishes or stir fries moments before serving to quickly heat through whilst retaining their succulence.
£3.74 £4.99
Sweet Potato Flour - An innovative flour for a traditional bread... It can be used as a carbohydrate source with a low glycaemic index. The sweet potato flour is an ideal flour for bakeries and pastries, and stands out for its fibre, vitamin and mineral content.
£1.87 £2.49
White corn flour is a good source of energy – rich in protein, fiber, minerals and B vitamins.
£2.24 £2.99
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