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BBQ Season

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With warmer weather and long, glorious summer evenings, it is definitely time to be cooking outside
Bolo do Caco is a local bread from the beautiful island of Madeira. It is a stovetop pan baked bread often served as an appetiser with garlic butter. (2 Units of 230g per Bag)
Whole cooked crevettes. 30-40 pieces per kg
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4oz - P/Lane 90% Dallas Burgers (Halal).
All the flavour and succulence of Portuguese chicken, roasted over charcoal with a spicy sauce, in the traditional way.
The chicken is a versatile food form, which can be combined with various culinary ingredients to present diverse, world-class cuisines. Plain "Frango para Churrasco" Ideal for barbecue Chicken. Season at your own taste
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A flavourful Portuguese-style marinated chicken that gives a deliciously crunchy glaze.
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Mackerel prevents cardiovascular diseases. Due to its excellent nutritional composition with regard to polyunsaturated fatty acids, more specifically omega 3, and its low concentration of fatty acids ...
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Sagres "Mini" requires no explanation (and no glass!) Drink it straight from the bottle without ceremony - it's always fizzy and fresh.
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It is ideal for sharing, impressing friends and having a party.
Casal Garcia Sangria is the perfect refreshing drink for moments of happiness and relax with friends and family.
With citrus hints of orange and lemon and a touch of tropical fruits, from the Sangrias Casal Garcia, this one is a light choice to freshen the hottest moments.
Sardines contain unsaturated fatty acids, which help to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
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