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Red Wine

The perfect introduction to Portuguese red wines! Find your new favourite drop with this bundle of six premium Portuguese red wines. We’ve hand picked these wines to give you a variety of tastes from some of Portugal’s best known growing regions. For more in depth tasting notes, check out the bundle overview below.
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The perfect start to your Portuguese wine journey. This bundle celebrates some of Portugal’s best loved wines from its most famous growing regions. Whatever you're eating or whenever you're drinking, you’ll find a perfect drop to suit in this introductory bundle. For more in depth tasting notes, check out the bundle overview below.
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Adega de Borba Premium, of the Adega de Borba range, arises from an extremely careful production process using grapes selected from old vines of the Borba region. This brand, awarded nationally and internationally for its quality and the graphic design of its labels, was designed to be savoured regularly by highly demanding customers who enjoy wines with a more contemporary profile.
The Adega de Borba brand emerges precisely as a symbol of our Company and of the Borba region, so distinguishable by its vineyards, soils and climate, with superb conditions for the production of excellent wines. Adega de Borba is an iconic brand, extensively recognised and appreciated by national consumers and in various international markets.
Exactly before an ethereal idea translates in to concrete lines, everything is possible. Then it´s time to open your senses and taste what wine is saying and drawing.
On the plains of Alentejo instants are depicted as a whole. In each bottle a land’s self-portrait opens. That is how we keep eternal truths, in the instants we feel.
VINIFICATION: Destemming and crushing; fermentation with use of selected yeasts, control temperature and slight remontage. Post fermentation maceration for approximately 3 weeks
The final and most decisive battle of the Restoration War was fought at Montes Claros, on 17 June 1665. A ferocious battle with thousands of casualties on both sides – Portuguese and Castilian. Nowadays, and as it was then, Montes Claros is a land of vineyards. A brand with over 80 years of history since its appearance, that has drawn attention to the quality and potential of Borba wines. Wines that hold fast to tradition but are vibrant, differentiated and have an excellent quality/price relationship.
Adega de Borba Reserva, also known as “Cork Label”, has been one of the most emblematic wines of the Alentejo Region and Portugal since 1964. Its singularity arises from its superior quality, its classic profile and natural cork label. It should be noted that the Alentejo is the largest cork producer of the world, with thousands of hectares of cork oak forest. The quality of this notable wine has been distinguished over the past 50 years by the many national and international awards conquered.
In the shadow of the days and in the light of the night, the Alentejo whitewashing tradition ("caiado") paints imagination and draws the path of every dream. With colours springing from the Earth, this wine brushes moments and must be drunk with the heart
A blend of highly characterful varieties, typical of the Dão region, which give rise to a wine with fresh aromas and fruit, where a slight aging of part of the wines that make up the blend in French oak barrels added body, presence and complexity , without compromising the traditional elegance and smoothness that are the hallmark of reds in this region.
With red grape from quinta da Teixuga, mostly Touriga Nacional and Alfrocheiro, we present this wine of great ambitions. After careful selection, these graped were vinified with the sole intention ofbeing the purset expression of their terroir.
Coming from the best varieties of the Tagus region, this wine presents itself in perfect balance of body and smoothness. Making it pleasant to the palate. Ideal to accompany all meat and cheese dishes.
Coming from the best varieties of the Tagus region, this wine presents itself in perfect balance of body and smoothness. Making it pleasant to the palate. Ideal to accompany all meat and cheese dishes.
Behind Adega Cartuxa [Cartuxa Winery] is a great family, the Eugénio de Almeida family. Let’s go back to 1913, the year Vasco Maria was born into one of the most influential families of the 19th century. Born in Lisbon, he soon established links with Évora and Alentejo, where the family had an extensive heritage. Vasco Maria always considered people to be the most valuable variable on the basis of which he organised all his efforts. These included revitalising winemaking and planting a vast area of olive groves just a few kilometres from Évora, which resulted in the wines and olive oils produced to this day.
This wine associates its quality to the name of the Carthusian [Cartuxos] monks who, between 1598 and 2019, led a solitary life of prayer in the Monastery of Santa Maria Scala Coeli. It is based on the most common varieties of Alentejo: Trincadeira, Aragonez, Alfrocheiro, Periquita, Moreto and Tinta Caiada. Aged in oak wood, it is a wine with good structure, elegant and combining the aromas of the varieties used with a persistent and complex flavour.
The wine Convento da Vila emerged as a tribute to Servas Convent, located in Borba, one of the most admirable monuments of the town’s historic zone. Friar Agostinho de Santa Maria tells us that according to a very ancient legend, the Virgin Mary appeared before a potter’s daughter and revealed that a treasure was to be found on the current site of the Convento da Vila. This fourteenth century church was under the care of a sisterhood of women called the Servas de Nossa Senhora, the same sisterhood that set up a convent in 1598, whose first stone was laid in 1604, under the patronage of the Duke of Bragança, D. Teodósio II. The first nuns took their vows in 1645, having come from Convento das Chagas de Vila Viçosa. Apparently, the architect responsible for the construction of this monument was paid for his work in wine.
Cabriz is one of the most well-known wineries of DÃO region, with more than 200 years of history. The Dimension of the vineyards and the prestige of the wines are the base of the strength and awareness of Cabriz in the Portuguese market. White wines, harmonious, fresh and delicate and red wines with classy, elegant and velvety, full of character, capable of the best pairings from the finest and exquisiet the most traditional and intense dishes.
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