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Baby Stuffed Squid, Raw, Individual Quick Frozen 10/20 pcs per kg (700g net)
Cleaned Squid tubes (skinless, gutted, with wings) and tentacles (without beak and eyes) in tray
1 Kilo of High-quality octopus tentacles cooked and Sliced in the traditional Mediterranean style, ready to enjoy at any time.
Holmes I.Q.F Raw Cleaned Squid Tentacles 60-100g (Todarodes pacificus) . It has a firm texture and strong flavour. Wild Caught. Great to make crispy squid tentacles with a sweet and sour sauce.
Tentacles of giant squid without acidity, packed in plastic tray and labeled individually
IQF Frozen Raw Squid Tubes size U/5. Net weight (excluding glaze) - 700g