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Rose Wine

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This Rosé breaks the sweet, plain “wine cooler” mold and embraces the stylish, savory and bold fruity end of the wine spectrum.
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Casal Mendes Blue is an irreverent Portuguese drink and presents a blue colour. It is an aromatized cocktail produced from young wines full of dynamism, moderately sweet but full of notes of freshness. Light-bodied, it's a fun, cool and very enjoyable drink.
Casal Mendes Rose is a real winner. Delightfully presented with its traditional bottle shape, this is a terrific fun summer drink.
Wine of the year, with the characteristics of young wines, easy to drink and for immediate consumption. This wine is produced from the Touriga Nacional, Syrah and Castelão varieties.
Gatão combines freshness and youth, in a light profile that makes it the ambassador of Portuguese wines throughout the world.
Now the fun has no limits, no restrictions and no alcohol!.... O%riginal gives you the complete wine experience without the alcohol. Produced from the grape variety Syrah and craft using traditional winemaking methods, the alcohol is gently removed by a physical process while preserving the wine's delicate aromas and flavors.
The “Pacheca Rosé” is a wine that comes mostly from a grape varietal selected Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz, which gave it a medium alcohol content and high acidity.
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Light salmon colour. Aroma dominated by red fruits, combining well with a vegetal character. Good volume and well balanced acidity with a long finish.
It starts with a C, but it could just as well be an “E”, such is how easily you'll like this rosé brut sparkling wine. Fruity flavor, elegant and harmonious, ends with captivating mousse.
The Box M. J. Freitas Aromatic rosé from Ermelinda Freitas house wine is fresh and soft from setúbal wine Region. A rosé wine to drink in the summer
Colour pale rose. Fresh and crispy. Cherries and strawberry flavour in the nose with a mouth watering juicy finish on the palate. Ideal company for hot summer days.
£6.74 £8.99