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3 Must know tips for buying good wines

1° The Occasion/ Meal
The choice of a wine should always be based on the occasion when it will be served (a party,  meeting, a dinner). Each occasion calls for a different wine. Those recommended for drinking on a hot day by the pool, for example, may not be the same suggested for a business Dinner. White, rosé and sparkling wines are very much associated with summer and celebrations. The reds widely consumed on cooler days and accompanied by heavier meals and desserts. If you intend to choose wine based on a dish, see the basic concepts of matching wine and food.

2° Register the Wines you Like
Whether photographing or taking notes on a notebook, it is worth keeping a record of the wines you drink and like most - and also those you have tasted and disliked. There are thousands of labels. (know how to read them) and the image helps a lot to remember the wine you enjoyed so much at that dinner. if you are still not sure what the wine is, ask a professional for help, this record will help you to quickly understand what you like to advise you better.

3° Get to know the main Grapes Varieties
When you drink a wine that you like, try to identify the grapes that makes that wine. So when you next choose a wine you can look for the blend that you like most. Portugal has at least 250 indigenous varieties, more than any other country and these are what make the wines so wonderfully different and interesting. 

Gatão combines freshness and youth, in a light profile that makes it the ambassador of Portuguese wines throughout the world.
Vineyards planted in crato a small town in the sub-region of Portalegre near the São Mamede Mountain.
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Exclusive fermentation in French oak vats. Stage for 18 months in new French oak barrels. At least 26 months aging in bottle.
Loios is a wine produced in the Alentejo region.
Loios is a wine produced in the Alentejo region.
Three year old Madeira wine based on the Sercial grape varietal and made under a dry style.
Malmsey or Malvazia to give it’s Madeiran name is the wine that Madeira is most famous for and is a dark rich sweet wine, with a musky fragrant nose, this is a very sweet wine that lingers on the palate. Malmsey has vanilla notes, along with molasses, walnuts and caramel.
Madeira Wine, like other wines of this type, are always liable to create sediment. The quality of the wine in no way affected. Serve gently without shaking the bottle.
Three year old Madeira wine based on the Tinta Negra Mole grape varietal and made under a medium rich/sweet style.
Three year old Madeira wine based on the Tinta Negra Mole grape varietal and made under a rich/sweet style.
The Late harvest is the new wine of JPR wines Portfolio. A creation that brought together father and son. This late harvest is part of the Marquês de Borba “family” so that there is a wine “for all occasions”. a more liqueur wine and suitable to finish up your meals, with a dessert.
Aged for 18 months in small French oak barrels
Aged for six months in second and third year French and American small oak barrels.
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