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These plump, sweet cherries are soaked in brandy and aged before being double-dipped in milk or bittersweet chocolate and foil wrapped.
A preserve with a sauce typical of Arab cuisine. Originally prepared, not only to give more flavor to a simple dish but also to preserve food for longer, due to the vinegar effect.
All the flavour of the squid with a Mediterranean/Portuguese touch. to the benefits of this molluscs with significant amount of omega 3 which contributes for the reduction of heart problems, is added garlic which has antioxidant properties and promote blood circulation and cardiac functioning.
(PASSION FRUIT COOKIES). Small biscuit with a rounded shape, golden in color, with a mild passion fruit aroma and flavor. Firm and slightly sweet texture.
One of the most traditional sweets on the island of Madeira. Light, round and dark biscuit, with a firm and crunchy texture. Slightly roasted and with an intense aroma of sugar cane honey and spices.
Jacobsen’s Bakery, producer of world-renowned Danish butter biscuits, is internationally recognized for the outstanding quality of its biscuits. Store in a dry place and at room temperature.
Chifferini 500gr
Gobbetti 500gr