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Biscuits & wafers

(PASSION FRUIT COOKIES). Small biscuit with a rounded shape, golden in color, with a mild passion fruit aroma and flavor. Firm and slightly sweet texture.
One of the most traditional sweets on the island of Madeira. Light, round and dark biscuit, with a firm and crunchy texture. Slightly roasted and with an intense aroma of sugar cane honey and spices.
Crispy puff pastry roll, filled with a delicious chocolate cream and generously sprinkled with the finest powdered sugar.
Our most classic sugar topped puff pastry, good on their own, but great dipped in coffee, milk, tea and confectioner’s custard...as a matter of fact, they’re always a treat!
Ladyfingers are one of our flagship products and a must-have in the kitchen. When simplicity goes hand-in-hand with tradition, the result is always the best.