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Pork Meat

Product sold by the case
Divino presents a novelty, the Mini Cured Ham. A carefully selected pork leg, which after a short period of salting, undergoes prolonged curing in a controlled environment of temperature and relative humidity, never less than 7 months, providing a slow penetration of oleic acid into the muscle fibers, which gives it a unique flavor and aroma. See you at the Christmas table!...
Each pig is raw, cleaned with insides removed, skin-on, head-on, feet-on and ready for you to roast.
Makes the crispiest crackling you've ever tasted. Perfect for that extra special Sunday lunch or Christmas Dinner The excellent quality of our roast suckling pig has four fundamental ingredients in its preparation: Animal quality, natural garlic, animal fat and pepper. Differentiating is also the entire roasting process in wood-fired ovens and slow cooking, as well as the entire methodology used in the packaging process in a protected atmosphere.